Try to exploit smb and warftp in Win XP

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Today task is to exploit smb service and war-ftp in windows xp. First with smb.

Nmap to remote host .
Port 21/tcp   open  ftp          WAR-FTPD 1.65 (Name Jgaa's Fan Club FTP Service)
And Samba service is turn on.
Now using metasploit framework. Search for smb. 
Using ms07_029_msdns_zonemane which doesn't work with Windows XP apparently.
Switch to use ms08_067_netapi, set the remote ip, and exploit.
And we are in.

Next is warftp,
First is search metasploit and found 2 match, warftpd_165_user and warftpd_165_pass.

Then use warftpd_165_pass and set the remote host ip,
Exploit but no luck, swich to warftpd_165_user.
Exploit and error occur "Exploit failed: A target has not been selected."
A quick googling and the answer is to set the target.

 Set the target to 3, Windows XP SP3

Run the exploit, but it send me a "connection was refused error" , then i check the virtual box, the warftp is crash from the previous attempt, so rerun and start the ftp daemon.
Rexploit and done we are in again.
Thank you for reading.

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